Monday, September 27, 2010

The Griswold Skillet

Check out this great old Griswold skillet! Griswold skillets are great  collector pieces. This one is a number 10. It's a nice large cast iron skillet, seasoned so nothing sticks to it. These are such versatile pieces: use on the stove, or in the oven. They are great for making cornbread. This one measures 12" across! This particular skillet would also make a  great piece to display. It is listed on my ebay right now, with a fair buy-it-now price. And Ill even consider offers =)
The Griswold Skillet on My eBay

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This could have easily wound up in a landfill with so much more of our society's unwanted. Would you ever have imagined an old medicine cabinet could actually be worth something? This came from an estate yard sale. The mans parents had remodeled the bathroom years ago. They had placed this in the basement, where it was long forgotten. I bought it for one dollar. It had three glass shelves inside, with lights up each side. This great old find sold for $60 (and an additional $27 to get it shipped out). Yes, people DO like old stuff. Goes without saying, one mans junk is another mans treasure. Be careful what you throw out! 

This beautiful set of bowls were made by Pyrex around the late 40's - early 50's. The sets came in an array of designs/patterns, as well as this set of Primary colors. They were a popular addition back in the day, and I'm sure many sets were given as wedding or Christmas gifts. Usually, one would not be able to find a set like this for the $15 price I paid for them. I let this set go for $54.99. Still a nice profit!

Snap-On Tools

Snap-On tools are a great seller on eBay. Older tools are very collectible. I  found this Snap-On mechanics stethoscope tool at a yard sale - for a dollar. This sold on a buy-it-now best offer for $40. =)

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Retro Lamp

This lamp was made by Tensor. It has a bright yellow enamel finish, with an adjustable arm that allowed on to aim the light. They seem to be more popular now than when they were originally sold.  It  was all metal, including the shade. This find cost me fifty cents, and was sold for $20. 

This cool old toaster, a Sunbeam from back in the day, was pretty unique. You simply sat the bread in the slot, and it slowly went down by itself. When it was done, it gently rose. I picked this up at a thrift shop for $2. It sold for $45. To get that price, it must(!) be clean, inside and out. No one wants to receive an old toaster in the mail with ancient bread crumbs falling out of it. 


Though Ive been what is now popularly coined as "picking" for years, I never thought abut sharing my finds online, other than through eBay. With the hit show American Pickers making headlines, it has apparently become "cool" to find forgotten, unwanted treasures. I must say Thanks to Mike Wolfe for it making it cool! Which, I already knew. ;)