Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lamps Lamps I love Lamps!

I'm always on the lookout for interesting lamps. I recently found several, and I just Have to share!

This one is an authentic Artemide Tizio. It needed a good dusting, and a new bulb.  It has counterweights built into each arm, which allows it to be positioned just where you like it! It's my prize =)

This little beauty is unmarked except for the fancy "F" on each knob. It is dual bulb lamp, with a darkened brass finish. Love the round finial on top.

This vintage hanging lamp was nice find. It looks like glass, but it is really some type of plastic - lucite perhaps. The shade glows nicely when it is turned on. The hanging / swag lamps were a popular addition to late 60's / early 70's homes. I love it! 

And this fantastic pair were picked up at yard sale. These babies are old! They still have the original cloth covered wiring. They have a wonderful gold finish, with a bit of faded red and green accents. I adore the intricate detailing. The "candles" were made of a formed cardboard material - complete with wax drippings!