Monday, November 14, 2011

The holidays are right around the corner =) I already have some of my Christmas goodies brought in from storage, and am trying to go through some of it. There is too much. I could never be considered grinchy - I tend to hoard up Christmas stuff. I decided to scale it back, and sell some of my vintage things. 

The ornaments above have been hanging around for years! But don't you just love the shapes? I probably have less than a dollar in them, picked up at yard sales & thrifty shops. They brought me $41 - yay!! - more $$ to get more Christmas stuff. Oh wait, I said I was scaling back. =(

I have no idea how old the reindeer are, but I am guessing from the late 50's to early 60's. They are covered with a soft flocking. the flocking is "chippy", and the glaring gold glitter on their antlers and inside of their ears has all but come off over the years. But their little faces are too darn cute! I'll be selling them this week. =)

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffett. Isn't she sweet?!!

Not all of my Christmas things that will be going up for auction are old.This one is a beautiful Hallmark. It was an "Exclusive" for their club members. It was never out of the box, until I took it out to take pictures.

Aren't these little vintage Santa mugs just adorable? Four are winkers. They are all from the same set as far as I can tell - all have the exact same marking on the bottom. They would be so cute lined up across the fireplace mantle with a votive in each one. Coming soon - to an ebay auction near you ;)

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