Monday, July 11, 2011

Paint is my Friend

I love paint. Especially the kind that comes in the can that you just shake and spray! It makes me happy =) I highly recommend spending the extra couple dollars for good quality paint: Rustoleom or Krylon works well. Today I bought three more cans: bright red, and a sunshine yellow. I used the red on two old plastic lawn chairs. They turned out pretty good, but I think I need to add another coat. I painted two other plastic lawn chairs last week that I love: 

 I liked them so much that I had to do matching flower pots:

 I only used a little of the yellow - on a large flower pot. It's so pretty! I have almost a full can left. I have a large faded wicker basket I might use it on - it would be pretty with some flowers or a vine growing in it. I thought about using it to do that old typewriter I mentioned before - but I think I'll stay with the decision to do that in pink. So friends - if you're bored, feeling a little creative - go get spray paint! Find something old, dull, or just plain ugly - and make it new, shiny, bright and fresh! Yard sales and thrift stores have an abundance of things you could give a face-lift too. Happy Painting!!! =)

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