Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thrift Store Treasures

During the summer months, I don't usually go to the local thrift shops very often. I usually spend my money at estate sales, an occasional auction, and yard sales. But I had some time to kill and stopped in at a couple. I rarely ever go to the first one I stopped at. Their prices are way too high for used goods. And there is an awful, very distinct smell in that place. It lingers with the odor of a dirty gas station bathroom. I don't know if they have bad plumbing or what the problem is. The store itself is clean, and fairly well organized making it easy if your looking for a specific type of item. But, between the smell, and the prices: its just stinks! I didn't buy anything there that day. The next thrift shop is just up the road. They usually have really good prices, but not a great selection. They have the usual massive amount of discarded, out of date clothing. A large selection of cheap knick-knacks, a small selection of household goods. On this trip, I found an art deco chrome toaster in great condition for three dollars. When I got ready to pay, I glanced across the counter and seen an amazing trio of vintage-mod lamps. They were in mint condition - never even had the cords unwound. There was an orange, a cream and a turquoise blue. The lamps had a metal cone shade on a flexible arm. I SO had to get them. She wanted $8 a piece for them, but I got her to take $20 for all three.

I also found a pair of old chandelier ceiling fixtures. The tops are adorable brass cherubs riding a fish - very art nouveau.  They have long clear cut glass globes, with a small brass acorn on the bottom of each. They would look amazing in a cottage style bedroom with a small bulb in each. One hanging on each side of bed. They are still available on eBay if you want to claim them for your own. (just click that ebay link over there on the right side of this page)

I went to a few yard sales yesterday. I didn't find a treasure trove of goodies, but managed to pick up a few things. One is an Olivettie Studio 44 old school typewriter. It is a boring dull blue color. But for any of you who know me: I LOVE paint. So it is going to be redone in a new, appealing shade. Pink perhaps. =)
I also found me a new tool. I really really needed it. It is a brand new Black & Decker cordless driver. With a cute little tray of interchangeable  bits. The lady didn't know if the battery would still charge or not, so she let me have it for a dollar. I charged the battery for a couple hours, and it works like a charm. At this same sale, which the second day of an estate sale, I found a great pair of vintage brass table lamps. They are heavy, and came with a pair of fiberglass shades which are in mint condition!! The lamps have four sockets each - talk about energy hogs. With energy efficient bulbs, and maybe even vary the watts for "mood lighting", they will make someone very pleased to have them. Pictures coming soon =)

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